4 Jan 2011

Let the detox begin

♥ Body

Not very commonly known here in the UK - but all the rage in Europe since 1900s >> Dr. Schuessler Cell Salts

Very worth a read if you are trying to really flush out those toxins and get a new, rejuvenated body for 2011


2 Jan 2011

Wishing you a splendidly healthy 2011 :)

Ahh the time of resolutions again --- so how are you faring on your personal Wellness360 venture? How healthy are you in mind / soul / body / spirit ?? Anything you want to improve???? Then THIS is the place to check into. Here you will find inspiration, creative outlets, health and alternative therapy tips and tricks and lots of lovely zen things to soooothe your soul.

And here is the first tip: RELAX --- how you might ask, well a bit of me time is needed.
I have a few relaxation videos I run almost daily --- it is sooooo serene and leaves me in a truly calm state after only 2 minutes) ... catch the wave

Wellness Greetings
Iris :)