25 May 2010

A low-down on meaty dangers (NOT only for animal lovers)

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Humans are 'Not Designed' to eat meat -
Sure you heard the saying: “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT (and assimilate!)” 

Take a moment and go through the things you stuff in your body day, after day, after day, month after month, year after year. 
The human metabolism is not made for being on a mainly carnivore diet! Just because you can digest animals does not mean you are supposed to or it's good for you. 

You can digest cardboard and eat your newspaper - that does not mean you should eat it.  

Renowned Cardiologist William C. Roberts from the cattle state of Texas, says this without hesitation: "Humans aren’t physiologically designed to eat meat. I think the evidence is pretty clear. If you look at various characteristics of carnivores versus herbivores, it doesn’t take a genius to see where humans line up."

Those who eat flesh are far more likely to contract cancer, allergies and diseases than those following a vegetarian diet and that's a fact proven 100 times over these days.

MORE FACTS that might make you woozy (please sit down) 

  The risk of fatal ovarian cancer is three times greater for women who eat eggs (3 or more times a week) as compared to those only 1 egg per week (that goes of course also for all products having egg in it). Chicken from commercial farms are fed and stuffed with hormones that can harm a womans' & mans'natural body-chemistry seriously! 

 Ingested flatworm or tapeworm danger (often found in meat). Yummi!! The little larva is swallowed and tries to attach itself to your intestine with its head. Then it grows longer by making segment after segment.  (YES I know this is disgusting– yuck a parasite, unfortunately meat control still offers wide gaps where tiny things like that can slip in easily in your next beef or chicken fillet!
Want to see what that tape-worm looks like? - You sure? OK...  MEET THE TAPEWORM 

 Heart attack and cancer is the most common cause of death in the UK. The male red meat-eater's risk of death from heart attack is 50%. The risk to men who eat no meat is only 15%.  

 The animals that are being raised for meat are often diseased. The livestock industry attempts to control this disease by feeding the animals ..... you guessed right ... ANTIBIOTICS. Huge quantities of drugs go for this purpose. They can not be eliminated by frying, cooking or grilling etc. - so get the full dose of them, day, after day, after day ...

Well there you go - now you know!  And you don't have to be an animal lover to see the issues at hand.

But ... if you simply can't stay away from meat, then make it at least white meat & fish - and go only for organic, free-range and corn-fed :) Bon appetite !

Some interesting resources reg. meat consumption that might turn your stomach
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