25 May 2010

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Do you feel irritable, bloated, depressed, can't loose weight, are lacking energy and have allergies and nagging little aches and pains? It might all be a sign that your body is too acidic.

I bet enough of us have been on all sorts of diets - with more or less success. But here is an approach that first and foremost tackles the body-chemistry issue of our 'over-acidic' society - and you can see the pounds drop & your mood lift,  if you start 'ALKALISING' your daily food intake.

Here's the gist: WHY ALKALINE??

Our body is designed to stay alkaline and will do whatever it takes to do this. When we consume acidic foods and drinks, stop exercising and continually have negative emotions our body is overrun with acids and this causes major disruption and can lead to dis-ease and a messed up body-chemistry even encouraging cancer growth.

Unsurprisingly the acid foods are the ones you already know are bad for you (cola, chips, chocolate, sweets, burgers, dairy) and the alkaline foods are the ones you already know are good for you.
And here is a detailed ALKALINE versus ACIDIC FOOD CHART  - start today :)

To rebalance your body's alkaline state, you simply need to encourage a 70-80% of your diet of alkaline foods and try to limit acidic foods. Back this up with at least 3 litres of good quality, clean, alkaline water each day (and no, that isn't tap water) and you will soon start to feel fantastic and those pounds will drop!
NOTE: Sugar & artificial sweeteners turn everything acidic!!! So check those veggie and pre-packed fruit juices. Best is fresh and self made
I invested in a good quality juicer and blender and pretty much have  juices and smoooothies  daily, I also buy only organic :)

I have tried this myself and continue for years now on a mainly alkaline daily regime - my results were pretty drastic - I was never overweight, but I still dropped 1/2 stone (of toxins and unhealthy fats) , my cellulite went almost completely after a full alkaline detox and my stress levels went way down, I feel more energised and have no head-aches, pains or niggles.
But if I am 'weak' (oh mea culpa) and start eating more sweets and acidic foods again - then I immediately notice a downturn of my health and mood, skin etc. after a few days. 
So for me alkaline is the solution.
Why not try it out and let me know your progress?? 

Always love to hear from you!
Be well 
And to conclude, an interesting article on the DANGERS OF ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS - a MUST read !!!

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